Welcome to The China Desk! Flagship Service Launched by Kinyu SCM

Kinyu is pleased to announce the launch of its flagship function: The China Desk. 

Founder and CEO Benjamin King has spent many years analysing supply chain outsourcing services in China and has developed a model to provide the transparency and control of an internal team but with a simple and cost-effective setup. What started as part-time representation for UK companies has led Benjamin to consider ways to give clients a scalable version of his approach to supporting companies. 

The China Desk will search, hire, manage and empower team members for client companies. This function turns the ‘man on the ground’ stereotype into ‘management’ on the ground. It includes employee engagement, supply chain monitoring and access to Kinyu’s Resource Platform of third-party services.

In times of significant change and disruption in global supply chains, companies need all the tools they can get to stay informed and keep their operations in order. The China Desk is a value-add function for companies that do not have a presence in China, helping them take advantage of the Chinese market. In addition, this solution mitigates the complications of setting up an entirely new and dedicated team, complete with a workspace in China.

Within the complex landscape of the China marketplace, the premise behind The China Desk is surprisingly straightforward. In a world where operational efficiency needs to be balanced with cultural considerations, Kinyu offers its clients space and resources to strengthen their supply chain. Benjamin and his team in China have combined three key assets- personnel, advisory and relationships- into one comprehensive service. The result? Each client has access to all the benefits of having a China-based team- without the additional consideration of setting up a team supplemented by an office and its supporting requirements. 

Kinyu’s clients take advantage of a range of value-add services, such as an extensive Supply Chain Network, personalised HR Management, and expert support for clients in the form of NEDs- assisting them in navigating this challenging market. 

With the challenges facing global supply chains, the need for a function such as The China Desk is more pressing than ever. The situation across China regarding the Covid-19 pandemic remains highly changeable. With an established team on the ground, Kinyu’s clients receive weekly intelligence on the developing logistical conditions and can adjust their planning accordingly. 

‘Reconsider your global strategy, secure your supply chains, continue to diversify, plan in scenarios, get your business case right.’

– The German Industry Association, April 2022

Strengthening the supply chain is a crucial point addressed by The China Desk, as the mission is to bridge the communication gaps within cross-cultural cooperation. This high level of integration also assists business owners in achieving further transparency across their supplier’s various staff, management, and upstream supply chain to maintain vision and protect their IP.

With new offices in Tianjin and Guangzhou, Kinyu is already hiring people on the ground for UK companies. Through The China Desk, clients are now able to hire Supplier account managers who act as key coordinators on the ground and specialist engineers to fill the gaps in technical support. This function has benefitted both SMEs who need cost-effective support and multinationals who value flexibility. No two businesses are the same, so whatever your needs- they can be delivered through The China Desk’s pick and choose Model. 

For more information and an overview of the packages available, please visit https://www.kinyu.co.uk/china-desk/. You can also get in touch via info@kinyu.co.uk or give them a ring at +86 181 7315 8445.