Employee Onboarding

At Kinyu, we are big on processes, and our HR management is no different. So from the start of onboarding, we will be alongside your team, offering support.

Over a month, our team will work furiously to lay the foundations for a smooth, managed onboarding. Some of the critical milestones that we will cover on your behalf are 

  1. Prepare onboarding documentation per local regulations
  2. Put together a Social insurance/Housing fund plan
  3. Create an employee handbook and engagement plan
  4. Run professional background checks
  5. Prepare IT equipment

Regarding IT and software some clients prefer to prepare their own laptop via their own IT support/security teams. Other clients are happy for Kinyu to procure the hardware and work with the IT department to download various software. Kinyu supports both methods, but remember some software and web programs won’t work in China without a VPN!

We will then work with you for a week to

  1. Devise a comprehensive training plan
  2. Manage setup and handover

Our involvement doesn’t end here. We will be right alongside you on enrolment day to get the contract signed, set your new employee up with the correct equipment, and review the handbook with them. Our focus is on ensuring that you and your new hire feel comfortable and happy in their first few weeks with the company. We want to ensure that they are settling in well and getting off to the best possible start.

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