Candidate Sourcing

Kinyu has direct access to over 2000 Post Graduate Degree holders in China from the University of Exeter and the University of York through Alumni networks. Founder Benjamin King is part of the Executive Committee of British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong region, and works closely with many stakeholders in the China international business community.

We also have several strategic partnerships with small local recruiters as well as the development of The China Desk, which means that candidates know we are a great place to find roles with international companies.

As a result, Kinyu can identify the top talent for our clients, in addition, the partnerships with these universities allow us to keep a close pulse on the latest industry trends and access world-class candidates.

Another source we utilise at Kinyu are the Chambers of Commerce and third-party talent agencies to find the best candidates for our clients, In addition to traditional job boards and community forums.

This array of resources allows us to cast a wider net and identify top talent that might not be actively seeking a new opportunity. By utilising multiple sources, we can identify a larger pool of qualified candidates, which increases the likelihood of finding the perfect match for our clients' needs.

Here are some of the recruitment websites we use:

Furthermore, LinkedIn China has been separated from the usual services seen across the world. It is now solely a job site where candidates can find new roles. You can find out more here.

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