Get Access To Cash Flow With Kinyu Supply Chain Finance

One of the challenges many companies face in China, is that of credit terms and supply chain finance. Which is why Kinyu SCM is now setting up its SCF network, to help businesses of all nature to overcome such a challenge.

Unlock Extra Supply Chain Capital with Kinyu

Kinyu’s sister company Tianfengxin has provided export finance and transaction support for the trade of over $1 billion USD of goods. Kinyu is also invested into several supply chain finance companies and can support its clients on access to further supply chain finance.

Members of its China Desk get preferential access to finance, because Kinyu has already carried out KYC and KYSC (Know your Supply Chain) checks.

Global Partners

Kinyu has partnerships with global SCF lenders.

Bespoke Service

We will assess your needs and match you to the right partner.

Due Diligence

Kinyu can carry out any further due diligence on the supplier required to access cash flow.

Member Benefits

Members of The China Desk will get preferential access and discounted rates.

Check Out the Routes to Cash Flow

Inventory Finance

Unlock the cash value of your inventory assets whether it is raw material, components or finished products.

Purchase Order Financing

Support the sourcing and conversion of raw materials components into finished products.

Trade Technology

New smart contracts and blockchain capabilities that remove the trust barrier and advance payment requirements

Invoice Discounting

Receive advance payments on invoices to your clients.

E-commerce Financing

Receive payments immediately from sales on E-commerce platforms

Trade Finance

Explore traditional finance tools from non-bank providers for your import/export needs.

Advance Tax Returns

Receive your export tax rebate within one week of export – China manufacturers only.

How can Kinyu help your company?

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