Offer Acceptance and Onboarding Preparation

Once the client has accepted the candidate and agreed the salary with them, there are some checks and balances that are required. We have created an Employee Personal Information Form and Reference Check Authorization to give additional peace of mind to our clients through this part of the process.

This process also includes the following checks and information from every candidate:

  • Full name, permanent address, contact number.
  • Filled and signed Reference Check Authorization. 
  • Filled and signed Employee Personal Information Form.
  • ID card scanned copy.
  • Hukou scanned copy.
  • One recent one-inch white background photo.
  • Bank debit card with name, card number and address of specific branch.
  • Original and copy of employment termination certificate .
  • Professional qualification certificate.
  • Original and copy of education certifications.
  • Original and copy of recent health check-up, issued within the last 6 months.

Here are some more tips and hints that we suggest you follow:

  1. It is good practice to prepare an employee file with employee details. This can be created with an application form.
  2. It is important to do background checks. Usually a reference check will be sufficient, but if you find anything not right with the response from the referees then there are further background screening that can be carried out.
  3. Be sure to get official authorization from the candidate to contact the referees. This document is called: 背景调查授权书.

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