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Streamline Model

Hire a flexible, part-time manager in China

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Your China Streamline Manager: Ready in 72 Hours.


Pay for your manager’s time only when you need it


Perfect for exploring benefits of a dedicated China resource.

Key Features

Leverage your part-time China-based team member, flexible engagement, and exclusive access to Kinyu resources and networks.

Team Member

Dedicated manager working part-time, aligning with your operational goals in China.


Representing your company on the ground, and working within your organization.


Engage your team member as needed, month by month with minimal commitment.

Targeted Support

Working on projects with your partners and suppliers, filling the gaps according to your priorities.


Scale in China affordably, without the overhead of a full-scale operation, through our single-fee.

Kinyu Resource

Access all the strategic supply chain partnerships that Kinyu has developed over 10 years in China.

How does a Streamline Manager Operate?

Explore the extensive array of responsibilities our Streamline managers have adeptly handled for our clients in China in the past.

Client Representation
Stakeholder Management
ESG Coordination
New Product Development
Supply Chain Partnerships
Due Diligence
Risk Management

Core Functions

The Streamline Package offers endless customisation. However, all streamline managers, regardless of their chosen specialisation, will provide the following benefits:

Streamline Manager

Monthly China Desk Reporting
Cross Departmental Communication
Administration focused tasks
Monthly Strategy Meetings
Stakeholder Management and Engagement
Document Management
Access to Kinyu Resource platform
Supply Management Intel

Set Your Priorities

Choose your priorities to ensure your manager directly addresses issues of your concern.

Kinyu’s streamlined approach involves working on a suite of focus areas and functions on behalf of the client.

  • ESG / Social Compliance
  • Procurement / Supply Chain
  • Manufacturing / QAQC
ESG / Social Compliance
Arranging Social Compliance Audits
Social Compliance Strategy Development
Removing Single Use Plastics - Review and Project Coordination with Suppliers
Carbon Emissions Tracking - Project Coordination with Suppliers and Partners
Continuous Worker Improvement Opportunities (Incident Analysis - Reporting)
FSC packaging - Review and Project Coordination with Suppliers and Partners
Corrective Action planning and follow ups with suppliers
Application of Innovative Technology to allow Factory Worker Feedback
Business Continuity Planning - Environmental policies
Procurement / Supply Chain
RFQ and Procurement Documentation Flow

PO Management and Tracking

On-going Maintenance of Master Production Schedule 

Supplier Relationship - Maintain & Improve

BOM Management and ECN

Coordinate Inspection Requirements

Scheduling Overviews - Med/High Vol Manufacturing - Ensure Match to Customer Demand Forecasts

Coordination with 3PLs and Warehouse Teams

Business Continuity Planning

Manufacturing / QAQC

Develop Test and Inspection strategy for Mass Production

AQL Defined & Documented - Develop Process for Amendments

Visual Inspection Criteria (VIC) - Consider How Communicated to Supplier

Management of CAP and Rework with Suppliers

Continuous Product Improvement Opportunities (Fault Analysis - Reporting)

Tracking MAC IDs to Improve QA & Fault Identification 

Returns Process & Causation Stats

Component & Device Traceability

Inspection Release Notes & Loading Photos

Choose The Package That Suits You

We can help you engage supply chain personnel for up to 10 hours a week without any strings attached, long-term commitment, or involvement with China labour laws.

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10 Hours Per Week
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