Simplify Your

China Operations

Get comprehensive management for your product, engineering and supply chain with our people focused, all-in-one solution.

Simplify Your

China Operations

Get comprehensive management for your product, engineering and supply chain with our people focused, all-in-one solution.

Belt for Mobile

Supply Chain in China?

We've Got You Covered

Hong Kong

China Operations

Made Simple

All in one solution for talent, management, supply chain resources and strategic advisory.

Total Supply Chain

Control, Anywhere

On-the-ground oversight and general management of your China operations.

Maximum Control,

Maintain Flexibility

With our on-ground oversight of your supply chain across China.

Hire and Manage

Hire and manage on-the-ground personnel in China via The China Desk, bypassing the administrative burden of setting up and managing your own entity.

Full/Part-Time Hiring
Built-In Team Management
Ongoing HR Function
Office Infrastructure

Safeguard Your

Supply Chain

Unlike standard HR/employment outsourcers, we're supply chain specialists. We manage your team and handle all supply chain functions.

Supply Chain Advisory
Supply Chain Resources
Supply Chain Monitoring
Project Management

Built for


In today's turbulent world, flexibility is essential. With The China Desk, you can swiftly adapt your strategy while ensuring full compliance.

Compliant to Local Labour Laws
Easily Grow or Downsize
Short Term Support Option
Ideal for China +1 Diversification

How Much is Your

Perfect Hire?

Check out our Salary Calculator and see how much it'd cost you to hire in China under The China Desk!

Two Plans

China Desk Streamline

The China Desk - Streamline

Engage Part-Time Personnel

Ready in 72 Hours

Set Your Priorities

Cancel Any Time

Ideal for Projects

The China Desk Illustration

The China Desk - Comprehensive

Engage a Full-Time Team

Compliant Hiring

Local Office Presence

Cross-China Presence

Custom Hiring Process

Trusted Solutions

Need to streamline your China operations, hire a new sourcing manager, or future-proof your supply chain? Kinyu's plans are packed with features for anyone working with a team in China.


"Kinyu manages our China supply chain effectively, providing reliable boots on the ground. They have enhanced our operation & we look forward to growing our team."

Dan Beckles, Director

Furniture Box, Times Top 100 Startup

Full-Time Compliant Employment of Team

Bespoke Recruitment Process

On-Site Team Management

Office Infrastructure

Team Building and Engagement Events

Supply Chain Advisory


"HydroStar has recently started working with Kinyu and we are already seeing benefits from the experience and knowledge they bring to the table."

Ian Gordon, Marketing Director

Hydrostar Europe, Leading European Hydrogen Supplier

Client Representation

Monthly Strategy Meetings

ESG Coordination

Supply Chain Intel

Stakeholder Management


"Kinyu has provided outstanding support to our China operation for several years. They operate with speed and integrity to meet our needs."

Hasan Heshmat, Marketing Director

Hydro-C, Leading Energy Supplier

China Country Management

Procurement and Vendor Management

Export and Logistics Support

Business Development Function

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