Ongoing HR Management

Building relationships is essential in China.

Ongoing HR monitoring ranges from simple tasks such as recording annual leave and travel expenses, to more serious matters such as employee grievances, sick leave and insurance. In addition to administrative tasks, HR monitoring also encompasses employee engagement. Remote working has become common place across the world, but it requires effort to keep personnel in China engaged with long-term projects. Central office facilities, Training budgets, offline events and face to face meetings are all ways Kinyu maintains a strong connection with its employees and China Desk members. Chinese employees want to be part of a community – This is where The China Desk adds tangible value.

The country has a long history of collective work and decision-making, so it's important to be able to develop strong relationships with colleagues and business partners.

Our on-site management team will help your team members to build these relationships, through regular social events and other opportunities for engagement. This way, you'll be able to develop the strong relationships that are necessary for doing business in China.

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