China and Supply Chain

is in Our DNA

We Are China's Only Supply Chain Focused Employer Of Record

We Provide On-the-Ground Hiring & Management Solutions

Across China

One Stop Platform for Supply Chain Talent, Resource and Advisory For All Sizes.

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Kinyu's Mission

Our Mission is to combine supply chain expertise with targeted HR services to offer an effective base in China at the fraction of the cost.

Strategic Supply Chain HR Services

Solve the problem of managing supply chain teams remotely in China with built in management& HR function.

Employer of Record Services

A Launchpad in different cities to build an effect presence across Asia.

Create an Ecosystem

Build an ecosystem of supply chain resources and talent to make Kinyu the preferred choice for companies with supply chain operations in Asia.

Build a Community

Build a working community to engage the workforce in a way more effective than individual organisations can do on their own.

What We Do

Control and flexibility are crucial in China operations, and we excel in streamlining supply chains and offering supply chain focused Employer of record and boots on the ground services.

China Operations Simplified

Effective Management on the ground supports communication with your suppliers.

Remote Supply Management

On-site oversight across China, providing support for your operations and team.

Full Control, Flexibility

Total control combined with the agility to respond to market changes and opportunities.

The Kinyu Advantage

Our supply chain focus gives us for major advantages over the traditional Employer of Record model.

General Management Function

Virtual General Manager to oversee your China operations, provide strategic support and connect your team to resources.

Supply Chain-Focused HR Resources

Our HR solutions, tailored for the supply chain sector, manage people time and expenses, offering industry specific talent, insurance and training.

On-The-Ground Talent for All Budgets

Our supply chain focus allows us to build better talent pools. Not ready for full time hiring? We have a part time function to service all business shape and sizes.

Supply Chain Ecosystem

Access quality, finance, logistics, and compliance resources in the supply chain, at no extra cost through our Kinyu Resource Platform.

Kinyu's Story

Kinyu Founder Ben King

Founder and CEO Benjamin King has spent years in China, building networks on behalf of his clients. Ben founded Kinyu in 2020 to better serve companies with supply chains in China.

Masters in Global Marketing from the University of York, with a research focus on supplier relationships in China

Over 10 Years' Experience Working and Investing in China

Fluent Mandarin speaker with experience working in North, East, South and Central China

China country manager with exposure to multiple product industries and supply chains.

Kinyu Asia Expansion Map

Kinyu's Vision


Turn-Key Solution

Become a regional turn-key solution adapting to supply chain changes, facilitating a China + 1 diversification strategy while keeping a strong presence in country.


Pillar of Resilience and Flexibility

Enhance flexibility in organizational structures for enterprises of all sizes and build a platform of resources for supply chain resilience. Supply chain focused Employer of Record to deliver real value for our clients.


Be a Great Employer

Create a culturally sensitive and exceptional environment to encourage a proactive workforce for our clients. Become known as a great place to work – organically attracting the top regional talent.

Kinyu in Numbers

$1 bln


$115 mln