Employee Commences


Once you have hired your candidate, you are good to go!

After the onboarding process is complete, we'll continue to check in with you regularly to ensure everyone is happy. We'll have a weekly call with you and a 1:1 with your employee. Plus, we will schedule a probation review with you and make a quarterly visit to see how your employee is integrating. It is important to go through an official probation exercise. The probation is usually linked to the length of the contract. For example of the contract is 2 years, then the probation is 2 months. If you are not satisfied with the new employee performance, then this should be addressed within the probation review. If you want to terminate the employment contract after the probation has already finished, you may be subject to pay the employee early termination compensation according to Chinese local labour law.

We'll also help you to keep track of performance KPIs and have a termination process in place if something isn't working out.

You will also have access to Kinyu's Premium Services, such as:

  • Kinyu's Resource Platform
  • supply chain monitoring
  • sensitivity analysis
  • advisory services
  • ongoing HR Management

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