Establish Your In China

Establish Your

In China

The China Desk is your footprint in China – provided by Kinyu. 

Shorten project delivery times with extra support on the ground in China.

Avoid the red tape and easily control your business.

100% control over your China operational cost structure.

What is the China Desk?

Access all the benefits of having a team based in China, whilst not worrying about the hassle of setting up an office.

The China Desk is your support platform in a challenging market.

Your Office in China

The China Desk is your office in China, established, supported and managed by Kinyu.

No Hassle

Access all the benefits of a having a China team, without any of the hassle.

HR Management

We handle the recruitment and management of your team on the ground in China.

Supply Chain Network

Benefit from the extensive networks and experience that Kinyu has developed over years of in-country management.

Why Do You Need the China Desk?

Project Delivery

Shorten project delivery times with extra support on the ground.

Be In Control

Be more integrated with your factory’s staff, management and upstream supply chain to maintain vision and protect your IP.

Capacity Base

A China office can support new product/service operations and can help you keep up with your competitors.

A Combination of our Premium Services

The China Desk combines Kinyu’s premium services into one simple, valuable and effective package.

Kinyu Resource Platform

Access to all of Kinyu’s relationships, third party providers, suppliers and support network across China.

Kinyu Team Member

Strategy development from experienced senior management, providing executive direction within China and overseeing your dedicated account manager.

Kinyu Senior Management

Dedicated account manager to handle the daily operations of your China supply chain, represent your company and be a part of your existing team.

Features & Services

It is common practice for businesses to use accountancy firms or HR firms to develop an office in China, due to the impracticalities of setting up their own. However, the service offering from Kinyu SCM has a supply chain focused approach, with senior management built in. Pick and choose from our modules to receive flexible and tailor-made support.


Get boots in the ground in your company name to support your business.


Find the right supplier to match your product roadmap.

Due Diligence

Make informed decisions with appropriate background checks.

Partnership Development

Take advantage of existing relationships to find suitable strategic partners.

Contract Negotiation

Get a secure deal that works for you with expertise on local contract law.

Investigative Reports

Deep dive analysis on a particular industry or market.

Upstream Analysis

Be aware of who and what makes up your product supply chain.

Product Development

Bridge the communication gap and track progress in a long-term development project.

Procurement Management

Build a comprehensive procurement management system to streamline your purchasing strategy.


Maximise your branding potential with multiple packaging designers and suppliers.

Document Management

Get organised – create manage and record all documentation throughout the supply chain.

Quality Management

Stay in control of quality with audits, in-factory stations and final random inspections.

Environmental Standards

Become a pioneer in sustainability by improving your environmental footprint and adhere to new market standards.

Logistics Solutions

Delegate your global end-to-end logistics requirements to an account professional.

Battery Identification 

Navigate the complex documentary requirements for shipping batteries from China.

Payments and Transfers

Unblock payment problems and find better Forex rates for your global trading operations.

Supply Chain Finance

Improve cashflow in your supply chain with a customised brokerage service.


Present your business in front of China outbound investor companies.

Check Out Our Service Models

The China Desk has three service models it offers to its clients. Whatever your needs in China, we have the perfect solution.


Best option for SMEs with limited resources and a fluctuating need for support on the ground in China.

Access to Kinyu Platform & Resources
Shared Team
Team Recruited from Kinyu Platform
Sourcing & Manufacturing Only
Standard Client Representation
Fixed Deployment
Standard Client R
Standard Client R
Team Recruited from Kinyu Platform

Best option for companies who need considerable resources and detailed management on the ground in China.

Access to Kinyu Platform & Resources
Dedicated Team
Team Recruited Especially for You
Recruitment Services
Cross Sector Model
Fixed Deployment
Private Office & Network Facilities
All China Locations
Full Client Representation
Task Force

Best option for companies with a significant support deficit and need an A-team for their project right away.

Access to Kinyu Platform and Resources
Industry Leaders and Experts Drafted in
Specialist Team for Specific Short/Medium Term Project
Crisis Management
All China locations
Launch Control service
Launch Control service
Launch Control service
Launch Control service

Limited offer, save 20% for annual plan only till 30 of March

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Kinyu be sure that my business operations remain confidential in such an environment?

Kinyu is based in a shared office complex which also includes private offices. Under the comprehensive service offering, a company can opt to have its China Desk team work in their closed private office, and even have its own private network installed. Each China Desk member, whether as part of a team or a streamline operator, will have its own senior manager assigned to them, and may only communicate vertically with their line manager.

How do I pay the appointed team members?

Kinyu SCM will pay the salaries of all China Desk members, both streamline and comprehensive. The Comprehensive model allows the foreign company to control the salary of its China Desk members, whereas the Streamline model does not.

If I have a contact that I want to hire in China, can I hire them under the China Desk?

Yes, you can hire them under the comprehensive model. Kinyu will provide full background checks on the personnel you wish to hire and will provide extra interview services if needed.

Can I make my team member redundant if I no longer need them?

Yes. If a foreign company uses the streamline service, they can give one month’s notice before discontinuing the engagement of the China Desk member. Under the comprehensive service, the company is obliged to provide notice and pay the redundancy fees payable under the labor laws of the P.R.C. Kinyu will endeavor to reallocate any comprehensive team members in order to avoid the foreign company paying redundancy fees.

What is the fee structure of all the models?

The streamline model is a monthly flat fee with personnel, Kinyu platform and management built on. The fee structure of the comprehensive model is composed of three parts: the salary package of the team member; Kinyu platform fees; and Kinyu resource and consulting fees. Task Force is a unique service, where the price structure is decided after consultations with Kinyu SCM.

What is the cost of the China Desk?

There is no fixed cost – each China Desk operation is tailored to the foreign company who takes it up. Everyone company has a different background, structure and requirements. Kinyu molds the product offering around such information.

Is it only based in Guangzhou?

Kinyu can appoint China Desk team members across China, and operate through its extensive shared office network. However, members get a preferential rate being based in Guangzhou.

Can’t I just use an agent instead of hiring an account manager?

An agent is not necessarily transparent with its dealings between the foreign company and a China partner. Kinyu also recruits its team members from trusted resources and provides background checks on potential candidates – finding an agent online can have hidden risks.

Does it matter what industry I am in?

Kinyu has a broad industry network which is supported by its many cross sector partners. The Streamline model typically focuses on manufacturing and supply chain, whereas the comprehensive model can accommodate all industry sectors. If you are not in the manufacturing or supply chain sector, but want the benefits of streamline flexibility, Kinyu can connect you with a suitable partner or service provider.

How can Kinyu help your company?

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