Empower your

China Operations

Are you looking to expand into China? Do you need a team of China experts on the ground without the hassle of setting up an office?

Kinyu SCM will empower your China operations with knowledge, networks and experience.

What is Kinyu?

Kinyu's mission is to support the China operations of foreign business, particularly in supply chain management.

Supply Chain Focused

Working with existing supply chains, relieving pain points and building new supply chains.

In the Heart of China

Kinyu is based in Guangdong, China’s most developed province, which includes the global tech hub Shenzhen.

Trusted and Verified

Kinyu and its sister companies have facilitated the trade of over $1 billion USD within the last 4 years

Innovative Start-Up

Kinyu has been built from the ground up by founder and CEO Benjamin King.

Based In Guangzhou

Covering all areas in China

$115 Million

Trade Under Direct Kinyu Management in 2020

Two Unique Service Offerings

The China Desk


China Desk

Save valuable time and resources by developing your physical presence in China with Kinyu.

Supply Chain Finance

Generate additional cash flow and unlock trapped cash through better management of your working capital.


“We have worked with Ben & Kinyu for several years now. They have provided unparalleled support for our China operation. Kinyu operates with speed and integrity to deliver on our needs.”

Hasan Heshmat

Managing Director, Hydro-C

“HydroStar has recently started working with Kinyu and we are already seeing benefits from the experience and knowledge they bring to the table.”

Ian Gordon

Marketing Director, HydroStar Europe

“Kinyu has provided HF Care Ltd with critical support in China at a time of major disruption in global supply chains. We have been able to take advantage of the vast network of suppliers and partners that Kinyu has developed.”

Peter Caplowe

Director, HF Care Ltd

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