China Country Management and Supply Chain Support

Client is a UK energy company operating in the MENA region. It manages procurement for oil companies including BP, Exxon Mobil, PetroChina and Basra Gas Company. Kinyu provides multi-faceted in-country procurement and management services.
Export Document management

Engage service providers, such as inspection companies, agents and embassies to make sure all documentation meets the criteria for export and import.

Result: Client has a fully prepared set of documents for its trading activities.

Client Representation

Using client email domain and engaging with suppliers and customers as if fully employed by the client. This also includes building relationships with various stakeholders within the client’s business network.

Result: This has helped the client strengthen its image when dealing with investors, clients and suppliers. This has also facilitated communication between client and supplier.

Bid and Tender Preparation 

Preparing documentations for tender bids. Such projects include fuel transportation for oil fields, Carbon steel pipe procurement and maintenance services.

Result: Comprehensive bid documentation for multimillion dollar projects.

Sourcing and Procurement

Sourcing and procurement partner for all China related procurement on behalf of the client. Utilising its network within the various energy sectors to engage with equipment manufacturers and partners. Commercial negotiation with China suppliers and partners and works with local law firms to draft comprehensive purchasing/partnership agreements.

Result: Client has access to robust sourcing network and procurement structure.

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