Supply Chain-Focused

Employer of Record

Hire in China using The China Desk – provided by Kinyu

Shorten project delivery times with extra support on the ground in China

Avoid the red tape with employment 100% compliant with Chinese labour law

Keep total control over your China operations and cost structure


4 Key Functions

Streamlined supply chain control and flexibility with our focused EOR and on-ground services in China


Talent sourcing, interviewing, and recruiting across China


Dedicated China staff members with no hassle


Employee handbook, payroll, more stuff


On-site management, training programs, and social events


Focused talent pool based on supply chain and manufacturing sectors. Over 50% cheaper than the average recruitment firm.

Fixed Fees Based On Candidate Tiers

Full Refund If No Candidate Found

Screening/Shortlisting Included

Talent from $999, Max $3,999 for

Senior Roles

You Own All CVs Generated

Got an Employee? Onboard For Just $250


We include Employee relations in our service – above what the average EOR provides.

Employer of Record


Employers’ Liability Insurance

Office Space

Employment Contract

Social Insurance & Housing Fund

Employee Handbook

Equipment Set Up

China Desk - Manage


Your comprehensive solution for supply chain-focused general management.

Retain top talent with employee relations support.

China Admin: Done! Let your team focus on your project, not paperwork.

Save Time & Money with Monthly Strategy Calls

Boost HR compliance: Know what your employees do daily.


Empower your business by gaining access to our network of partners and elevate your workforce with our carefully curated training programs.

Access Kinyu Resource Platform Partners

Training Programs

Team Building Participation

Quarterly Visits by Kinyu Management

Kinyu Teamwork

Why Use The China Desk?

Our supply chain focus gives us for major advantages over the traditional Employer of Record model

General Manager Function
  • On-ground China team collaboration
  • Understand your China operations
  • Customized supply chain solutions
Supply Chain-Focused HR Resources
  • Tailored employee handbooks
  • Industry-relevant insurance
  • Additional safety training
  • Employee relations beyond standard EOR
Specialized Talent Pools
  • Focus on supply chain and manufacturing
  • Cost-effective talent sourcing
  • 50%+ cheaper than average firms
  • Accurate salary data with our calculator
Kinyu Resource Platform
  • Dedicated platform for supply chain resources.
  • Partners for quality, finance, logistics, compliance, ESG, and more.
  • Free access to additional resources and partners as our EOR client

Pricing Plans

Start building your China solution with us today

Basic EOR Function


Option for larger teams with GM/HR

EOR services

Employment contracts

Payroll processing

Currency exchange

Social insurance calculations

Housing fund management

Industry-specific liability insurance

Monthly reporting

Tailored employee handbooks

HR advisory & compliance

GM Essentials


Option for building full teams

Everything in Basic EOR Function

Weekly team meetings

Monthly client management updates

Expense claim system and processing

Equipment setup

Equipment maintenance

Monthly payroll/insurance/expenses

Monthly China policy updates

Flexible office access

Travel and Visas



Full supply chain/personnel support

Everything in Basic EOR Function

Everything in GM Essentials

China GM services

Free supply chain advisory

Full employee relations

HR (performance reviews, disciplinary)

Employee engagement (gifts, events)

In-country support line

Discounted partner access

Monthly supply chain updates

Launch Phase Pricing

Different positions have different price tiers based on seniority

Tier 1


Option for larger teams with GM/HR

QC Engineers

Logistics Associates

Entry Level Positions

Tier 2


Option for larger teams with GM/HR

Purchasing Officers

Supervisor positions

Junior Roles

Tier 3


Option for larger teams with GM/HR

Manager positions

Project Managers

Specialist Positions

Tier 4


Option for larger teams with GM/HR

China Country Manager

Senior Manager Positions

Hi-tech Industry managers

Want to know the salary range for these tiers? Check out our Salary Calculator!

How Much is Your

Perfect Hire?

Check out our Salary Calculator and see how much it'd cost you to hire in China under The China Desk!