China Management and Supply Chain Support

Client is a UK consumer electronics brand selling technology and connected devices. Client A manufacture their devices in Northeast China and Kinyu have provided in-country management on behalf of their organisation.

Client Representation 

Kinyu team members represent the client, by using client email domain and engaging with suppliers as if fully employed by the client. This also includes building relationships with various stakeholders within the supplier company.

Result: This has helped the client strengthen its image when dealing with investors, clients and suppliers. This has also facilitated communication between client and supplier.

Logistics Management

Shipments of battery goods out of multiple China ports to UK, EU and US using air, rail and ocean methods. Managing all documentation required and engaging with freight forwarders for a door-to-door delivery. Included a Post Brexit Import strategy to Europe and UK.

Result: Logistical challenges overcome using Kinyu network and expertise with time and cost savings.

Quality Management

Liaise with multiple quality engineering firms for the client. Coordination of Final Random Inspection of goods. Client reviews before signing off shipment.

Result: Hardware issues are picked up at the factory, resulting in immediate corrective action by supplier. Quality management is well documented – time and cost saving.


Identify new partners for the client, should they need to change supplier direction or develop products out of the scope of existing supplier.

Result: Strengthens both supply chain security and opportunity.

Development of Procurement Function  

Build a document management system for the client including: Request for Quote, Technical clarifications, Production Plan, Production Gantt chart, Purchase Order, Inspection report, Inspection Release Note, Shipping instructions.

Result: Formalises the procurement process to provide paper trail and accountability.

Sustainable Packaging

Facilitated the removal of all single use plastics from client packaging, as well as using FSC certified paper and card.

Result: Client is able to meet the obligations under its new business strategy, allowing to market its products sustainable credentials.

Due Diligence Data Collection

Collate information on the supply chain to carry out comprehensive Due Diligence.

Result: Providing the client a deeper understanding of its supply chain against industry standards.

Battery Documentation

Working with suppliers on battery documentation including the regulations on battery shipments and REACH in the UK.

Investigative Reports  

Writing investigative reports into upstream supply of materials for the client.

Result: Client can make informed procurement and supply planning decisions.

Risk Management   

Utilized experience and relationships to flag risks in the client’s supply chain, such as iillegal battery shipments, supplier limitations, production issues.

Result: Changed incoterms and instilled ownership of secure product delivery into SUPPLIER. Launched investigation into battery certification, connecting with several supply chain partners such as Maersk and Samsung for advice and guidance on behalf of client. Successfully managed SUPPLIER to take ownership of battery logistics with DDP offering and finding appropriate partner to do so. 

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